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More and more of our clients are telling us that they would like a "one stop shop" type of company that can assist them with the entire project, start to finish. The introduction of PHC Interiors allows us to do just that. Now we not only offer the full line of construction services and Home Maintenance Services, but PHC Interiors offers complete Design/Build and Decorating services to include the coordination and selection of all products, furniture, and accessories. We can handle as little or as much of this process as the client desires.

PHC Interiors provides the client with options to fit their needs and schedule. After spending time with the client and understanding their taste and preferences, we can provide design services based on the individual client and how involved they would like to be in the selection process. For the homeowner that has little extra time, we can make a collection of selections and bring them to the house for review. Or for the homeowner who likes to be actively involved in the process, we can meet at our local distributors and showrooms for a shopping experience.

PHC Interiors has also established strategic alliances with several major manufacturers and distributors of lighting, furniture, and accessories in order to go beyond general construction-related design and complete the project as a whole. We strive to go further than just a great "Before and After" and provide our clients with a renovation that is magazine worthy from the moment we finish the project.

Our philosophy is that the end product needs to be a reflection of the client. The finishes, fixtures, and style should project the personality of each individual client.

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